Skint tourist: NORTH LONDON

This week, I’m travelling around North London to find an adventure that won’t cost me an arm and a leg.

North London has many parks and green spaces for you to enjoy. With Hyde Park less than a twenty minute walk from Victoria station, it’s not one to miss.

But my personal favourite is Primrose Hill.

Primrose Hill
The view into central London from the top of Primrose Hill.

Situated 0.6 miles from Camden Market and a 10 minute walk from Chalk Farm station this beautiful spot provides a panoramic view of the London skyline. It’s never incredibly busy, unless you go at sunset then it’s crowded by couples having evening picnics.

Primrose Hill.
Top of the Hill.

My favourite time to venture up the hill is on a Sunday morning to watch the sunrise. Its beautiful to watch one of the world’s busiest cities waking up. At this time you also get such a mixture of people; photographers, dog walkers and drunk people heading home after their night out. Last time I was serenaded with the Circle of Life as the sun came up.


The next place that is worth a visit, especially if you have never been to the city before, is the Museum of London.

Museum of London
Museum of London

This place is free to enter and will give you the story of London from 450,000BC up to the present day. There is lots to see and lots of activities for kids to get their hands on.
If you want to take everything in I definitely recommend going on a weekday as there won’t be as many children running about and maybe just the odd school party.


North London holds they key to many galleries, but it’s worth going to the less known ones to appreciate something different. I got the tube to Old Street and walked to The Victoria Miro Gallery.

It’s minimalist but has some beautiful work. There is also an outside space with water, which allows for larger pieces of art.

Outdoor work at Victoria Miro gallery.

When I visited, Do Ho Suh was on show (and will be there until March 18)

Do Ho Suh
Do Ho Suh


These beautiful passages made from fabric, wire and stitching allow you to get fully into the art by walking through them and enjoying every detail…

fabric alarm
Details on a fabric fire alarm.


Oh and did I mention… IT WAS FREE!


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