Skint tourist: EAST LONDON

This week I am travelling around East London to find some cheap days out.

To start off I visited the White Cube, an art gallery, it’s certainly for those of you who love modern art.  When you enter through the giant glass doors it feels like you’ve entered The Matrix.

The White Cube
The White Cube entrance hall

In each room they have many different artists. My favourite room had boxes and materials a cobbler might have, they were piled about 10 feet high in the centre of the room.

The Crystal Land
The Crystal Land by Josiah McElheny



You can visit where history was made in 2012, by walking around the Queen Elizabeth II Olympic Park. You can walk past the beautiful aquatics centre, swooping velodrome and massive stadium (Now the home of West Ham FC).

Annabel 2012
14 year old me stood in front of the Olympic Stadium during the 2012 London Olympics

There are activities you can do when you are there, but these may cost you some pennies. For example, there’s a slide coming down from the Orbit sculpture, this will cost £15 for an adult.

The Orbit
The Orbit in 2012. It now has a slide from the observation deck to the bottom.


The next place on my list was the V&A Museum of Childhood, it’s just down the road from Bethnal Green station and holds many treasures from the history of childhood.

museum of childhood
Outside the V&A Museum of Childhood

I loved this place, it’s amazing to see so many toys and games that were once cherished by children throughout time. Although it felt very weird to see toys that I played with sat inside glass cases.

Some toys for sensory learning.

This museum is definitely one to visit for the whole family, just to spot toys that you or other family members once played with.

Playing my sister at a game of draughts… I won of course.


And finally if you have a fear of heights this might not be one for you, but why not have a ride across the river on the Emirates Air Line. This will cost £3.50 for a child (return) or £7.00 for an adult (return) alternatively you can tap on using an Oyster card.

view of the O2 from the cable car.

On a clear day this cable car provides amazing views into London, especially into the Isle of Dogs and Canary Wharf.


That’s all for this week! Next week I’ll be South London.






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