This week I’m on the South side of the Thames and in fact all of the stops are along the river.
My favourite place in South London is the South Bank. I like to walk from London Bridge Station to the London Eye.

This walk is suitable at any time of the year; in the summer it’s full of people in high spirits enjoying the good weather and in the winter there are Christmas lights to guide the way in the dark evenings.

A good place to stop if it is raining is Tate Modern. This gallery showcases many great artists and you can enter for free (though some exhibitions do charge.)

The Tate Modern building used to be Bankside power station, it was re-designed and then re-opened as Tate Modern by the Queen in May 2000.

tate modern
This is outside of Tate Modern

As you walk into the main turbine hall the size is overwhelming, there is work in there sometimes but when I’ve visited it’s been empty which allows you to take in the scale of the building.

Continuing down the South Bank you pass the London Studios and if you go early enough on a weekday you can see them filming ITV’s This Morning.   

north of the thames
The view of the Northside of the river from outside The London Studios.

My next favourite place is the Southbank Centre. There is always lots to do and see, in the winter they had giant rabbits and a Christmas festival including a Christmas tree maze and then in the summer they hold a festival of love. If the weather is nice there is usually a fountain that kids (or adults who cannot contain their inner child) can run in and out of.

Another place to admire at the Southbank Centre is the Undercroft Skatepark. You can spend hours watching avid skateboarders and BMX cyclists try out new skills, as well as admiring London’s finest street art. In 2013 it was proposed that the skatepark should be removed in place of retail units, this sparked a campaign which received over 150,000 supporters, allowing it to tay a little longer. 

A silhouette of Parliament in the summer sun.

This may sound like a quick trip but it can take up a whole day, as it’s very easy to get distracted along the way.


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